A More Intelligent Way to Fundraise


of money raised in a

Capital Campaign

comes from just

a handful

of business-savvy

Major Gift donors.

Is your team ready to answer their probing questions?


You need more than a
Fundraising Consultant

After 30 years and 4,000 conversations with Major Gift donors, I know what it takes to earn their trust.

With an MBA from the University of Notre Dame, I’ll help your Catholic school or parish fine tune its operations and address the broader issues affecting fundraising. Confident in your progress and plans, donors will be excited to invest in your capital campaign.

That means less stress for your team, deeper relationships with donors, and greater fundraising success.

Here’s How We’ll Do It


Identify major gift donors


Anticipate donors’ concerns


Have informal conversations with top prospective donors


Address issues within organization that impact fundraising


Conduct a Feasibility Study


Launch the Capital Campaign

Most firms start the process at Step 5, a shortcut that benefits their bottom line, not your project.

I’ll show you how thorough preparation is the key to campaign success.

Let’s Get Started

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